Brooklyn School District 13

Changes and diversity in the area and its public and charter schools.

District 13 PublicSchools.jpg

Census data from the area was compared to demographic details of the schools. The following maps are samples from the full project. Tools and resources: QGIS, the NYC Department of Education, Inside Schools, NYC Open Data, and American Fact Finder for Census data.

I live in a school district in Brooklyn that has been in the news because of gentrification and increasing segregation within the schools. To look more closely at the situation I looked at data collected by public and charter schools in District 13 over the 14 years since the first charter school opened in Brooklyn.


Source: census data from 2000 decennial census and American Community Survey data from 2013, NYC building foot prints. 



Screenshot from an interactive component. Each circle shows decline or growth of student enrollment over the last 10 years. 

Charter schools only show growth while conversely, many of the public schools' enrollments have declined. Tools: Javascript and Leaflet, data was processed in QGIS. 

This interactive map uses the building footprints to show school co-locations. Demographic and enrollment data can be viewed by clicking the school.