West Harlem Climate Action Kiosk

west harlem climate action kiosk

These maps were created for a community resource kiosk focused on climate change and emergencies. Used as aids in development and design of project and ultimately to act as part of the resources for the kiosk. A project by Elliott Maltby of Thread Collective, in conjunction City as a Living Laboratory, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, and the residents of the Grant and Manhattanville housing projects. Primarily concerned with climate change and how it will effect the area, the Kiosk will provide a hub for resources needed in face of risks posed by climate change. The Kiosk will also consider how climate change and local development have already changed the area. Plans for future Kiosk maps will include historic geography layered with contemporary data and input from the community.

This base map was used as a resource in a community design charette focused on future Kiosk programming. Participants helped develop a geographic database of significant community and emergency resources. 


Above: changes to the Manhattan shoreline and waterways since 1609.

Below: the Kiosk basemap is used to assist the charette participants in gathering data about the area.